'Being of the Heart' Online Zoom Experience

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In this 3 hour online class we will explore the 'Being of The Heart' through the medium of clay. You will create your heart from minute pieces of clay, not rushing, but instead letting go, feeling the creative force of your soul & heart emerging.

In this exercise one is not MAKING a heart but discovering the energy of the eternal life force where it all begins. I am always amazed what this reveals about oneself and others in the process.

You will then create YOUR heart whilst learning to feel what is growing from within. I will guide you how to tune in with the energy of your Heart and Soul, letting go through your breathing, to reveal the Truth of yourself into the form appearing.

1 x 3 Hour 'Being of the Heart' Online Zoom Experience 

Materials you will need: White and/or Terracotta clay

*You will be contacted after purchase to arrange the session*